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Through study, years of personal experience, and consultation with reputable trainers, we have become experts in dog behavior. We remain consistent with commands and procedures such that the dogs know what behavior is acceptable. We find this approach essential to ensure a safe and fun day.

We also understand the importance of earning your pooches love. We get right in there and play with the dogs. We are energetic and athletic and not afraid to get dirty!  Positive reinforcement is important to us, so we are quick to reward good behavior. A combination of affection and treats (with your permission) is a sure way to win your doggies' heart.

Even though we brag about being Professional Dog Walkers & Sitters, we also provide pet care for animals that make the following sounds: "meow", "squeak", "baa", "squawk", "oink" and "neigh" (among others). If your animal does not make any of the sounds above please let us know what sound your animal does make and we'll see if we can help you. If anyone can tell us what sound a fish makes we'd be delighted to hear from you.  We Service Pinellas & Hillsborough Counties.

Sharon Lee, LCSW, is the CEO and Founder of Pet Concierge Tampa Bay, her lifetime dream.  She holds a Masters Degree in Social Work and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. As her graduate thesis, Sharon studied, researched and discussed the important link between people and their pets, with regard to physical, spiritual and mental health. Her love of animals led to the creation of a cutting-edge program, Pets Healing People, which became the basis of her work in Pet Therapy. For the past 20 years, Sharon has used her expertise with animals to help both pets and people live better lives.

Sharon’s volunteer work includes working with the S.P.C.A. and ProjectPUP. Sharon has always enjoyed a special affinity with dogs since childhood. Her best friends growing up were, her Collie – Lady, and her Daschund ~ Schultzie.  A dog lover to the core, Sharon currently resides in Seminole, Florida with her two 6-year-old Black Labs, Frankie and Lily.  Please contact us for referrals.  We Service Pinellas & Hillsborough Counties.